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Dog Park

Subfacility of Robert E. Lambert Park


Dog Park Rules


  • Must be licensed (license information can be found on the Dog License page of the Chester County website)
  • Must be vaccinated
  • Must wear identification with license information
  • May not be admitted if in heat
  • Must be at least four months old
  • Must be within view and voice control of owner at all times
  • Must not be sick or suffering from parasites
  • Must be on a lease and under control of owners when outside dedicated dog park area

Owners / Handlers

  • May not bring animals other than dogs into the dog park
  • May not bring more than three dogs into the park at a time
  • Must clean up after dog immediately
  • Must keep dog’s lease in hand while in the park
  • Must immediately leash and remove a problem dog (displaying aggressive behavior, mounting, excessive barking) from the park without debate
  • May not bring food or alcoholic beverages into the dog park
  • Must immediately stop dogs from digging and fill in any holes with dirt
  • Must keep park gates closed at all times
  • Must honor other users’ requests regarding their dogs
  • Are solely liable for injuries or damages caused by their dogs and ensuring their dogs don’t escape the fenced area
  • May not smoke in the dog park
  • May not bring glass containers into the dog park


  • Under 5 years old must be within arm’s length of parent or guardian at all times
  • 6 to 11 years old must be under strict adult supervision at all times
  • May not bring strollers, bicycles, or any other children’s toys into the dog park
  • Must obtain dog owner’s permission before cautiously approaching any dog
  • Should not run, scream or engage in any behavior that may be upsetting to the dogs

First Time Visitors

First time visitors may consider visiting the dog park during non-peak hours (between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday) until your dog(s) become comfortable with the park.

Liability / Risk Statement

This facility is not supervised. Users of this facility do so at their own risk. West Goshen Township shall not be liable for injuries to dogs, their owners/handlers, or others that use the dog park. This area is for dogs and their owners/handlers only.

Contact the West Goshen Township Park and Recreation Department at 610-696-5266 with any questions.