Submitting Right-to-Know Law Requests

West Goshen Township has designated an Open Records Officer to respond to Right-to-Know Law (RTKL) requests: 

  • Christopher Bashore, Township Manager / Right-to-Know Officer for the township
  • Michael P. Carroll, Chief of Police / Right-to-Know Officer for the police department


Requests should be submitted in writing using the Standard Right-to-Know Law Request Form (PDF) and be addressed to the Agency Open Records Officer. If a requester chooses not to use the request form, the request should clearly indicate that it is seeking records under the RTKL.

To allow West Goshen Township to locate responsive records and determine whether those records are public, requests for records should be specific and concise and clearly identify as precisely as possible the records sought. Requesters should retain a copy of the request for their file as a copy of the request is necessary should a requester appeal West Goshen Township's response.

Requests After Close of Business

Any request that is received by West Goshen Township after the close of regular business hours shall be deemed to be received on the next business day. If the request is received by a West Goshen Township employee other than the West Goshen Township Open Records Officer, the request will be forwarded to the West Goshen Township Open Records Officer as soon as practicable.

Verbal & Anonymous Requests

West Goshen Township will respond to verbal and anonymous requests for records. Requesters submitting verbal and anonymous requests for records may not pursue the remedies available to a dissatisfied requester under the RTKL.

Response Period, Generally

The Agency has 5 business days to respond to a request for records under the RTKL, but may request a 30-day extension due to the nature of the request or volume of the request and will notify the Requestor in writing, per the RTKL statute.