The Traffic Division is responsible for the investigation of all serious traffic accidents, in addition to coordination of traffic and engineering studies to determine the proper regulations of local traffic issues. They also coordinate a team of officers throughout the county to assist agencies in the investigations of serious accidents that smaller agencies do not have the resources to investigate, as well as the Sobriety Checkpoint Program in Chester County.

Traffic Safety

School Zone Speed Monitor Unit showing an approaching vehicle's current speedOne of the highest priorities of the West Goshen Police is to ensure the safety of all those who use the highways. Therefore, one of the most important jobs is to make a safer environment by reducing injuries, property damage and the loss of life caused by motor vehicle crashes.

A primary focus of the Traffic Division is to create a safer community through citizen education by helping neighborhoods and citizens solve traffic problems and enforcement of traffic safety laws and regulations. Its duties enhance compliance with traffic laws by proactively preventing, modifying or reducing hazardous driving behaviors.

The philosophy is that active and consistent enforcement of traffic safety laws lessens the number of traffic crashes, thus reducing traffic-related fatalities, physical injuries and property damage.

Achieving Goals Through Action

The Traffic Division achieves these goals by employing the following:

  • Enforcing vehicle and traffic laws
  • Compiling and analyzing collision data
  • Conducting traffic studies
  • Providing education on safe driving to schools, civic organizations and other governmental groups
  • Sobriety checkpoints
  • Patrols focused on:
    • Driving while under the influence (DUI)
    • Underage drinking
    • Aggressive driving
    • Speed saturation
  • Electronic traffic enforcement (Electronic Speed Sensory Signs)
  • Commercial vehicle inspections and checkpoints
  • Complete collision reconstructions of serious crashes