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Posted on: May 17, 2021

Road Rules: Aggressive Driving

What is aggressive driving?

Aggressive driving includes speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors.  In Pennsylvania, these behaviors are some of the leading factors of highway crashes and fatalities.  In the year 2019 alone, there were 29,640 speed-related crashes in Pennsylvania, which resulted in 415 fatalities.  Aggressive drivers engage in this high-risk behavior and take out their frustrations on those around them.  

What do you do when confronted by an aggressive driver?

  • Do not be too proud to get out of their way

  • Make sure you are wearing your seatbelt

  • Ignore gestures from the aggressive driver

  • Call the police, if it can be done safely.  Make sure you have location and description of the vehicle. 

What if you are the aggressive driver?

It is easy to get frustrated with other operators, especially when we are in a rush, but please be mindful to try to control these frustrations.  Slow yourself down and breathe deeply.  Remember that it is not worth the crash, or penalties for aggressive driving. 

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Author: Officer Laura Ashe

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