Trash, Recycling & Sewer Billing

Republic Services

Beginning January 2, 2022, Republic Services handles the new Waste and Recycling contract. Both Waste and Recycling will be automated with side-loading trucks. Trash must be placed in the Township-provided trash carts.

Recyclables will only be collected in the Township-provided recycling carts.

No Rubber Band or Plastic LinerRecycling Notice

Do not use plastic bag liners in recycling carts.

The Township's waste and recycling contractor has reported that some residents are using plastic bag liners secured with rubber bands in their recycling bins. Please refrain from using plastic bag liners in your recycling bin, as the plastic bags and rubber bands can become dislodged and contaminate the collected recycling.

If your recycling cart is found to have a plastic bag liner and rubber band, you will receive a warning sticker.

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