Tax Collector

The elected Tax Collector mails Real Estate Tax bills to property owners by March 1 of each year. The tax bill is computed by multiplying the tax rate, set by the Board of Supervisors of West Goshen Township, with the assessed value of the property.

The assessed value is determined by the Chester County Assessment Department.

Millage & Taxes

  • Emergency and Municipal Services Tax: $52
  • Municipal Earned Income Tax: 0.5%
  • Municipal Millage Rate: 2 mills
  • School Earned Income Tax: 0.5%
  • School Millage Rate: 20.68 mills
  • Transfer Tax: 0.5%

Supporting Township Operations

Real Estate Taxes, the Earned Income Taxes, and Transfer Taxes (levied at 1/2% on real estate sales in the Township) make up approximately 83% of the yearly income needed to support Township operations. Other income is derived from:

  • Fees for building, plumbing, and zoning permits
  • Fines
  • Interest on investments
  • State aid, such as Liquid Fuels allocations

Local Real Estate Tax payments due dates:

  • 2% discount period ends April 30th
  • Face amount is due by June 30th
  • Penalty period is July 1st through December 31st

Local Earned Income Tax

People who work and / or live in West Goshen Township pay a 1% Earned Income Tax (EIT) with 0.5% due to West Chester Area School District and 0.5% due to West Goshen Township.  If you live in West Goshen Township and work inside the Township or in another municipality, your EIT is remitted to West Goshen Township.  If you work in West Goshen Township and you live in another municipality that collects EIT, your EIT is remitted to your home municipality.

All taxes paid by Township employers, quarterly estimates from residents, and final returns should be mailed directly to Keystone Collections Group.  Any questions regarding these taxes should also be directed to the Keystone Collections Group website or by calling 724-978-0300.